14 June 2007


i don't really like spoons.

when people learn this about me, i usually get quite a few strange, questioning looks. it's like they haven't even considered that it's possible to not like spoons. "who doesn't like spoons!?"

i have a couple reasons.

firstly, spoons are ugly. i mean, seriously. they are just ugly. with all the roundness at the end of a long handle. c'mon. there is one spoon i have found that i am okay with -- data style from ikea (pictured at right) -- and i already bought a dinner set of the silverware for when i finally get out of this living-in-someone-else's-house life.

secondly, spoons aren't as useful as, say, forks. now, a fork is *very* useful: it can stab, poke, lift, hold, secure, fork, jab, cut ... very useful. a spoon can, well, spoon ... and scoop -- i'll give you scoop.

you'll note that the fork in the picture is also quite attractive. so is the knife ... i really like this set of silverware! maybe i should go buy some more ... hmm ...


Jess said...

Ha! What a crack up! What about soup and ice cream?!

christianna said...

well, i rarely eat soup, actually. and i usually opt for the thicker soups/stews/chilis ...

ice cream i eat with a fork. have to eat it fast, though, so it doesn't get too melty. :D