20 October 2008

square one

i was ambitious when i first got hired here at grant thornton. within my first 3 weeks, i signed up for and paid the fees for all 4 sections of the cpa exam. and started taking them. my strategy: start with the easiest one first and work my way toward the hardest.

perhaps not the best strategy:

i passed BEC (economics, IT, and hodge-podge of leftovers), AUD (audit & attestation), and FAR (financial accounting) straight out of the gate.

REG (taxation) killed me again and again. and again. and again. ... and again. (please remember that, any of you that are thinking of asking me to help with your taxes this coming spring.)

and so this is where i stand:

back at square one. a clean slate. as if i haven't done anything yet. poised behind the starting line.


ai ai ai.


Inge Jaye said...

well, atleast you have taken them before and now you can just do them all so quickly again. right?

christianna said...

well, hopefully they will all go quickly again ... we'll see ...

Spencer said...

My condolences, lemme know if you want some study help on any of these.