09 April 2008

hittin' the books

okay, with the end of busy season, i have so many ideas of fun things to post ... but i have just one more deadline:

my final attempt at passing this durned cpa test.

yes, this is the fourth attempt. (obviously, the third time isn't *always* the charm ... hmm. interesting.)

so, yeah ... give me until the weekend. i am taking the test at 12:30 on friday -- yes, that's just a day and a half away. so the pressure's on.

and *then* i promise to put something entertaining up. promise.

until then ... maybe check out some of the blogs over there on the left. some of my friends are *really* funny.



kbob said...

Hey, it's fun to find your blog. It sounds like the test was no fun. How did it go?


christianna said...

umm. we don't want to talk about how the test went. ugh. let's talk about something happy ...

... like sidewalk chalk. now, that's fun stuff!

Matti Kaye said...

true, that. i love sidewalk chalk!