23 October 2007

a pastime

if any of you guys haven't yet checked out "the pioneer woman" blog i have listed over there on the left, you are missing out!!

lately, she has been posting the story of how she met and fell in love with her husband, which has been hilarious! (and a story that any woman will love and wish she were the one living it.)

i have found her site to be the best way to waste time here at work -- way better than updating my own blog ... which i usually find entertaining enough ... but seriously: reading hers is way better. promise.

she also posts recipes and cooking tips on her linked site.

(and she takes really cool pictures. honestly, i don't know what she *doesn't* do.)


The Hill Family said...

Yeah, I'm addicted. How does she do it all?

christianna said...

i have no freakin idea. but i love it. i am so addicted, too.