29 October 2007

an amusing weekend

this was a while ago, but i haven't taken the time to write about it yet ... so here we go!

southern california's amusement parks really celebrate halloween. i got an email from a friend a while ago who was trying to put together a group of at least 25 people to go to knott's scary farm (so we could get discount tickets). well, i forwarded the message on to a handful of people, as did many other people ... turned out we got about 130 people to commit to go! it was so much fun.

i already mentioned that i spent about 5 hours screaming that night. and i loved every moment of it. it was completely hilarious to me: i was with a group of people the whole, entire night (did you catch that: not by myself, at all, ever) and somehow the "more than 1,000 fully costumed, very-alive creatures wandering the park" zeroed in on me and chased me down all night long. and i, of course, screamed like a very small child while running frantically in a zig-zag pattern (yes, i thought that would help) until the monsters had had their fun. it was absolutely fabulous! i loved every moment of it.

(my companions kept lecturing me and trying to give me tips about how to "not show them your fear -- they can smell it, y'know, like dogs." but i was having too much fun to pay any attention to that. i paid $28 to get scurred, dangit, and scurred is precisely what i was gonna get!)

two days later, my friend becky celebrated her birthday. at disneyland. now, whereas knott's scary farm aimed to "continue to set new standards in adult scare entertainment," disneyland is still the happiest place on earth. every halloween they transform the haunted mansion into a "the nightmare before Christmas" theme, they make a big mickey face out of white and orange pumpkins on the welcome lawn (instead of the usual flowers), and they "grow" candy corn in the main plaza in disney's california adventure. but disneyland is in no way as scary as knott's scary farm. which is *fine* -- we still had a great time. it's been too long since i've been to disney. loved it.


Em & M's said...

That sounds like a lot of fun! A few of our friends have made trips to Disneyland recently and they all said it was great! Someday we need to go--Matt promised. I've never been. But it'd be better when Madelyn is just a little bit older!

Matti Kaye said...

that was the best mental image of you screaming like a "very small child" and running back and forth trying to get away. yeah. i started laughing in the middle of work and had to share that with my coworkers.

christianna said...

emily, you definitely have to come out here to visit and we will go! (but yeah, waiting until madelyn gets a bit bigger could be better ... though, they actually have like special arrangements for people with babies so that one person can wait at the front of the line with the baby and then go on the ride after everyone else ... not sure if that made sense. but yeah)

matti, you would have laughed harder if you were there watching me do it, i am certain. :P