31 July 2008

rock the block

okay, so i *have* experienced earthquakes before. but i usually either sleep through them or i am driving or something so i just don't feel them. until now ...

not sure how many of you heard about this one, but here are the details:

chino hills and diamond bar are about an hour and a half away from me, but i *did* feel this earthquake. i was at work and whining about my lousy raise when the whole building began to shake. guess it added a bit of drama to punctuate my compensation complaints. anyway ...

but it was the coolest thing ever! i am only not saying "let's do it again" because that would really be asking for it. ... but, i dunno, it was kinda fun. can i say that? am i actually allowed to say that? if we were to have another one, which i am not going to wish that we do, but *if* we do ... i think it could be fun to feel an earthquake again. yeah.

arguments anyone?

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Matti Kaye said...

yeah, for some reason i don't think you should say that. you can, but i'd much rather *not* see california sink into the ocean.

just sayin'