09 January 2008

the weather outside is frightful

13 hours in the car. google says that the drive from l.a. to ogden, ut, should take 11 hours. but google doesn't know that we had a 1½-year-old in the car. so it took longer. but he is a really cute 1½-year-old. see?

who wouldn't want to be stuck in a car for 13 hours with this cute kid? really.

so, eden, clint, and i packed the boy into the car at 7am on december 22. the drive wasn't too bad -- one person drove, one person kept the driver awake, and the third person entertained the boy. and we rotated responsibilities. it worked out great.

we arrived at my parents' house at 7pm. after a long day, all we had energy for was a birthday dinner and then headed off to bed. (my dad gave me a box *full* of dark chocolate -- now, that's love!)

the next morning was church. it was so much fun to go to church with almost my whole family -- it's been a while. we took up two pews! well, the short side pews, but still. haven't done that in a while.

monday was Christmas eve (as you know), so we set out in the mid-morning to finish up some last-minute shopping. and then the afternoon and evening were spent wrapping, making other preparations, and playing games.

oh my goodness, we played so many games during the whole week. it was *fab*-u-lous. i loved it. these are most of the games we played (i think):

mystery of the abbey
shadows over camelot
ticket to ride: märklin
bang! (with dodge city and high noon expansions)
incan gold
monopoly express
speed scrabble
mario & sonic olympics
raving rabbids 1 and 2

after opening presents on Christmas, we played more games. then the next day we played more games. and more games the next day. it was perfect. (which, by the way, if anyone out there wants an opinion on any games, let me know. if i can't answer myself, i know my sister or brother-in-law could certainly help you out. they are game gurus.)

friday i finally broke free from the house and went to see my friend amy in bountiful. i love visiting her! we went to a park up near her apartment and took some pictures in the snow (so that all my so-cal friends can really see what a white Christmas was all about). then we went back to her apartment for hot chocolate and chit-chatting. she is so much fun and i just love seeing her whenever i get to utah.

that night we watched stardust with my whole family. it was so much fun to share that with them! i still am absolutely in love with that movie.

the next morning we got up, packed the car, and headed back to l.a. yes, another 13 hours. we got to l.a. pretty late that evening. overall, it was a fun trip. i'm glad we got to go and that eden & clint could come for Christmas this year.

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