18 September 2008


  1. my back hurts.

  2. i want to eat beef.

  3. i don't get to go to texas this weekend (thanks, ike).

  4. i can't seem to eat enough chocolate today.

  5. too much work, not enough time.

okay, i think that will do for now. i'll let you know if i think of anything else.


Matti Kaye said...

i thought inge and jared were almost able to go home again. why can't you go?

christianna said...

yeah, well ... she called me monday to tell me to reschedule my flight because they didn't know if they would be back in town and they didn't know if they would do the baby blessing afterall because there may or may not be power at their apartment and/or the church. but yeah.

so i rescheduled my flight on wednesday.

and about 30 minutes later, inge called again and said that it looks like they would be back and i can come afterall. but it was too late! too late, i tell you!


and my back still hurts.

Inge said...

I'm really bummed too that you're not coming.
there's only power at our apartment and a little of the areas around it. it still will take time to get power in all the places in lake jackson. (don't know about church this weekend)