25 September 2008


in celebration of today being thursday, i wanted to share a couple memories of thursdays past ...

the epic mr. thursday

in my parents' ward, there lived a very good looking young man. uh huh.

i had met this guy before my mission, so when i returned, we caught up quickly/briefly my first sunday back in the states. after church that day, my little sister's boyfriend suggested that i ask this guy out. for thursday. (please note that the suggested thursday was exactly one week from the time i stepped off the plane.)

i said okay.

so i quickly grabbed the phone and called him up. he was more than obliging and agreed that thursday would be an excellent day for a date. and it was.

thursday came and, for the date, we watched spiderman (the first one -- because the second one would be coming out in just a few weeks -- see? trying to set it up for an automatic second date) and then made churros, brazilian style. (pretty similar to the mexican treat, but just imagine those cinnamon-and-sugar-covered sensations filled with chocolate. mmm. drool, drool. those alone are the reason i gained 10 pounds in one of my mission areas. really.)

that thursday night, mr. thursday and i stayed up talking until 1. which was super late for a girl that just got off her mission a week ago! but so much fun!

mr. thursday and i went out a handful of other times after that. but it wasn't meant to be ... something i noticed when i unfortunately kept burning the kid every time we talked. it was awful. (and fodder for some follow-up don't-do-it-this-way posts.)


naked thursday

a couple months ago, a friend and i decided that we would give up on becoming cpa's and instead start a promotional button-making business. y'know, the kind of buttons that we used to wear in high school whenever there were student elections coming up. (don't have any idea if kids still use those. do they? am i dating myself here?)

anyway, after coming up with some pretty snazzy slogans and clever commentaries, we decided that our skills could better be used in the t-shirt making business. that decision pretty much came as a result of this genius:

get it? ha ha ... get it?

there you go. happy thursday, everyone.


Inge said...

you're dating yourself? :) hah hah. get it?

Inge said...

ah. yes. mr thursday. that was good times asking him out, huh? remember the ping pong ball?
I wonder what he's up to now.

christianna said...

umm ... i actually still have his ping pong ball ...
how awful am i?

but yeah ... wonder what he is up to ...

p.s. -- you're very funny. i did actually think about that when i wrote "dating myself" but didn't think of a better way to say it. :P

Marisa Bellini マリザ・ベリーニ(旧内田) said...

Muito legal esse post!!!! Realmente temos dias da semana que sempre acontecem coisas interessantes. No meu caso eh quarta-feira. Eh o dia da semana que estou cansada e uma coisa atras da outra acontece para me fazer mais cansada ainda. Beijos