11 May 2008


i started taking harp lessons in high school. there was a lady in my ward that played and she taught me, in exchange for babysitting. and it was especially perfect because whenever i babysat, i would get to practice my songs. though ... it also meant that she knew *exactly* how much i was practicing ... hmmm ...

right before my senior year, though, we moved from the bay area to idaho. and my harp teacher did not move with us.

then i graduated from high school. then i went to college. then i graduated from college. then i went on a mission. then i went back to college. and i decided to try harp again. i took one semester of class at byu my last semester and loved it.

so when i moved to l.a., i really wanted to continue. i found a teacher, found a harp to rent, and got started.

so now it's been about 1½ years and i still love it. we just finished my first cd (don't get too excited; my teacher records my songs when i "pass them off". we did a cassette tape first, then a cd.) so because my cd is now full, my teacher gave it to me and i have burned some of my songs to post here soon. hope you'll like them! don't expect too much, i'm still a beginner.

oh -- last week was my harp recital, too. that was a lot of fun. i screwed up a lot -- in ways i have never screwed up before -- but had a good time. thanks, eden & clint, for coming. :)

(you can thank my harp recital for these pics. well, and you can thank eden & clint, too. i guess.)

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Simone said...

I didn't know about that!!!!
You are amazing.
Hope to see you soon.