04 February 2008

snowy california

okay, so this isn't really what comes to mind when you think of southern california, is it? but ... we got hit by a big snow storm last weekend. ("big" by california standards, but nothing too exciting to all you utahns, i know. and especially not anything even noticeable to you bostonians. but still. i guess the southern california sun has spoiled me.)

erica emailed me on friday afternoon to see if i wanted to celebrate the snow with a sledding trip! of course!! so she got some other people together and made plans.

which plans meant that i had to wake up at 630 on a saturday morning. (yeah, don't even get up that early on work days. oh, well -- this was for a better reason than "work".) whine, whine, whine.

so, i picked up perfect boy at his house just after 8; we got up to erica's around 830, where we met up with the rest of the troupe and headed out. less than an hour later, we found ourselves in this:

where we couldn't wait to start doing this:

err, uhh, i mean, this:

oh, fabulous snow. oh, beautiful snow. oh, freezing snow. and me in my jeans. i neglected to bring snow gear with me when i moved to l.a.: silly me. the southern california sun really has spoiled me.

but it was so much fun! we spent a couple hours sliding down and climbing back up the hills and sled runs. threw snow at each other. threw each other in the snow. fun was had by all.

after a hard day of play in the snow, we stopped at rocio's, a cute little mexican diner on the way out of frazier park, where we ate homemade tortillas and tried to warm ourselves before making the drive back home. it was a fabulous day.


inge said...

fun stuff! i miss the snow... well, atleast that part of it. not the sticking around and adding to itself 'til may part of it.

S&E Frazier said...

What a fun day-I can't believe you got up at 6:30 to go sledding, but it looks like it was worth it! Where did all of that snow come from anyway? Is it sad to say that I haven't even gone sledding this year and it has snowed every freaking day here?!!!(not an exageration) You've inspired me...I'm going! Glad to see you've met some fun people. Sorry I'm such a fubeca...we still need to talk. At least we have our blogs I guess :) I'll call you this weekend, I promise! Elise

Gretchen said...

yeah, i don't really like the snow all that much. in fact, it *is* snowing right now which only adds to my chagrin. but that is mostly because of the whole "ice" thing.
and yet, i can imagine that if i weren't surrounded by the snow right now, i would like it and miss it. *sigh*

The Hill Family said...

Looks like fun. What, may I ask, are you 'sledding' on?

christianna said...

no need to quotes, there, ames ... we went sledding on sleds: y'know the cheap round-saucer-shaped ones that are like $8 at target and only big enough for half your butt. fun times.