19 February 2008

brand new spirit

err, new brand spirit, as the brand launch handbook calls it. today is a day of change. after 45 kajillion years with a certain logo:

my firm is rolling out a new one:

exciting, no? and get this: "Every employee will receive a Grant Thornton New Brand Gift Bag that includes a branded travel beverage tumbler, a new set of business cards and a printed version of the Brand Spirit booklet that describes the global brand."

these are just some of the changes as outlined in the new brand training overview powerpoint presentation:

new logo
new logo positioning (i.e., before the firm name now)
new font
new corporate color
new corporate color scheme
new business card layout
new email signature
new "imagery style"
new "tone of voice" (??)

so ... go check out the new grant thornton.

i get a branded travel beverage tumbler -- i can hardly contain myself!

i do have one piece of sad news related to the change, however. unfortunately we, as a firm, no longer have a passion for the business of accounting.

yes, this image -- with the "x" -- was part of the powerpoint presentation.


The Hill Family said...

Whats going to be YOUR new tone of voice?

Matti Kaye said...

i can tell your are so choked up about the loss of passion.

Jared said...

Probably sing song (new tone of voice)

Inge says it's cause accountants don't have passions.

Matti Kaye said...

yes, they're very stoic.