21 August 2007

eu amo a goiabada

what a lovely surprise. last night i got home and checked the mail ... a friend of mine from my mission had sent me goiabada!! mmmm ...

goiabada is a candy made from pink guava. basically, it is guava cooked down with sugar and pectin until it becomes thick. and it's oh-so-good!

i like to eat it with cheese -- fresh cheese is best, but i enjoy it with even just string cheese (a little more convenient for packing in my lunch) -- brasilians call this combination romeo & juliet. another delicious way to enjoy goiabada is to throw a piece in the blender with some milk, and presto: yummy guava shake! you can make really good cookies, too -- called goiabinhas -- which are a stiff sugar cookie dough wrapped around a piece of goiabada and sprinkled with sugar. mmm.

love this stuff!!

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