04 August 2007

72 miles

welp, he made the drive. and survived it, too. though, all evening cute guy kept reminding me that it's 72 miles from his house to mine.

yeah, i know: i've made that drive a few times ... ...

i'm glad he drove up, though. (like really, i think it's hilarious that he doesn't like driving so much. heh.)

he got here about 830 and we went over to the calabasas commons. i hadn't really ever spent much time there, but it's kind of a nice area -- little shops, movie theater, restaurants, nice open areas to just hang out. we walked around for a bit -- most of the shops were closed at that point -- we got some frozen yogurt and just sat and talked. then we came back to my house. we spent about 45 minutes trying to fix my tv, but it's just not being friendly these days ... anyway, then we hung out for a while at the house, just talking and stuff. and then he drove home!

yes, another 72 miles. :S

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