14 August 2007

the chase begins

wicked witches.

flying pirates.

a star falls.

the chase begins.

last night my new friend becky and i went out to work with the sister missionaries and visit a new contact -- yay for referrals! (i haven't gone out with the sisters *at all* since getting back from my mission over 3 years ago! yikes! -- but ... how exciting to do it now!)

well, becky and i were running a little late, but got to the park where we were to meet up with the sisters just after they arrived -- they were running late as well ... perfect -- *love* it when that happens. after finding each other at the park and making our introductions, we all got back in our cars and headed off to go to the appointment. parked our cars. walked to the apartment. she wasn't there!! argh!! (*that* happened too many times in brasil.) so, the sisters tried to think of someone else we could visit, but it was kinda late to make an unannounced visit, so we split ways

becky and i had set out for an adventure, though ... so ...

... why not go see stardust?!?! sure!!

been looking forward to this movie for so, so, so, so long. and it was definitely worth the wait! and becky was super excited because she studied stage makeup and this movie had great makeup and hair.

i loved the story. and i loved the way it was told. just completely captivating. and we discussed later how much we loved that it was a completely new story -- not a re-make nor the second or third in an episodic sequence, which stories have completely overtaken the box office lately.

highly recommend this movie.

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Anonymous said...

saw it. loved it. end of story.