04 May 2007

introducing the director

so a little while ago i saw the following post on the yahoo group for the singles ward down in santa monica:

Ok friends, this is real simple. We have six tiny roles up for grabs for our next short film we're doing for the SM3 Film Festival later this summer, entitled "Less Effective", a project similar in theme to that epic cinematic masterpiece "The Singles Ward". You don't even have to be able to act or be an actor/actress or be an aspiring anything to be in one of these 6 roles. Everyone, every type, is acceptable. No auditions required. Copy and credit and bragging rights (you know, to tell your friends you were in a movie) are up for grabs. ... All you have to do is reply, be serious about doing this, and you're in. It's fun!

and so i thought, "hey, i can't really act, i'm neither currently an actress nor aspiring to one day be, i could be considered part of 'everyone' and 'every type' ..." ... made sure i fulfilled the requirements ... and replied. i got the part! yay!

i hadn't ever met any of the people involved in this thing, but i do like to meet new people ...

so. we got together two different saturdays to film. and now the director and his editor friend are working to put the thing together in the most entertaining way possible. i'm still not really certain that i know what this thing is for, but evidently some film festival. okay.

anyway, so last saturday was the final day of filming. after we finished, we went to the editor's apartment to watch the raw footage and eat pizza. after that, i gave the director a ride back to his apartment with all his stuff, helped him carry it all in, and then he walked me back out to my car. he was telling me about a neighborhood party that was going on near his apartment -- invited me to go with him, but i had other plans already. he also invited me to go to this ward activity that night, but again, i had plans already. so then we said goodbye and he opened up for a hug. so i hugged him.

the funniest thing happened mid-hug, though. can't say that i've had this happen before.

so he's hugging me, right, and then blurts out "!okay, we're friends!" -- he almost even seemed to have surprised himself that he said it -- then the hug ended.

as he walked away, he said "hey, give me a call if you ever want to hang out or something." then he coolly walked back into his apartment, hands in his pockets and everything. i got in my car and i left.

have no clue what happened that day and not sure i ever will. he did email this week inviting me to go with a group of his friends to see spiderman 3 tonight, which i am very excited to see.

boys are confusing.

p.s. -- the pictures are actually props from the filming.

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