18 November 2009

not proud

i'm sorry, but i cannot deny that i like this song:

when it comes on the radio, i actually turn the volume up. obviously, this is serious.

can we still be friends?


Ryan G said...

Ha! When I first started reading, I thought to myself, "Can we still be friends?"....then I read the last line. Hehe!

I'll let it slide this one time....since the tune is actually kinda catchy :P

Dave said...

" shakin' my hips like 'yeah' ". that was my facebook status a few weeks ago after having to "jam out" to this song in a car full of girls. totally against my will, of course.

Ryan G said...

is it legal for a 16 year old to show that much cleavage? :S

S and E Frazier said...

Sadly, I am with you. There are some VERY lame things about it, but it is so dang catchy, you can't help but get a kick out of it.