22 June 2009

c'est fini

i've had the phrase "c'est si bon" in my head for days. from the (old) yoplait commercials (they don't use that tag-line anymore, mmeh). so i wanted to write a post and call it that. but ... "c'est si bon" doesn't quite fit. "c'est fini" fits better ... because ...

... i passed all my tests!

c'est fini. it is finished.

i got my last score early on saturday morning and have been floating up in cloud nine eleven fourteen one hundred thirty-six since.

you know what this means? i mean, really. do you know what this means?

  1. i get reimbursed for test fees (though, the firm only reimburses one round of tests -- about $1,000)

  2. i am eligible to be promoted to manager (in a couple years)

  3. my employer will stop asking me for a progress update

  4. i get to be a cpa

  5. but ...

    most importantly ...

  6. i don't have to take any more tests!

c'est fini. and ... *it* *is* *so* *good*!


here's the final report, for posterity's sake (need a 75 on each section to pass):


Ames said...

YIPPIE!!! I'm so proud of you, but doesn't that mean no more shopping trips at Target? Is this part of the reason you weren't around much? Did you actually spend a lot of time studying?

christianna said...

uhh ... no, the not being around much thing had nothing to do with studying. because i didn't study much.
the not being around much had much to do with work, some to do with social, a little to do with travel, and a lot to do with not enough time.

sorry for the neglect ... thanks for thinking of me! you are so sweet. :)

love you, girl.

Em and Ms said...

Yay! I'm so happy for you that you have the relief of no more tests! Matt's been studying for some hard certification test he has to take next week and he's definitely had a difficult time getting back into studying and test mode after 2 years without it. Glad to see you're back!

Jared said...

I'm 'cited.

marianneanddoug said...

Yipee! Way to go Christianna! does that mean you are now going to include cpa after your name in everything you sign or every email you send out? lol

christianna said...

thanks! and ... pretty much.

-- christianna, cpa


Dave said...

congrads, hopefully i'll be able to say "c'est fini" some day soon, too.

dave, not-quite-cpa

Inge Jaye said...

now you are a BAMAccCPA.

love you. and am so proud of you!