06 November 2008

oh, honestly ...

i just got the following email message from my stake:

"Due to protesters, the Los Angeles Temple was closed this evening.
They ask that before coming in tomorrow you call first to see if they will be open.

that's disappointing.

on the news last night, they showed the marches that were happening in santa monica/hollywood until late in the evening.

i read that there have already been lawsuits brought with the primary premise being that this matter was fundamental enough to require not only a constitutional amendment but a constitutional revision and that such action requires a 2/3 passage in the state congress before it can be brought for a popular vote. we'll see what comes of that.

we live in a country where we are free to do so many things, including vote. and yet there are those who would wish to take that vote away when its results oppose their point of view.

those who are requesting tolerance, do not tolerate. those who speak of rights, do not recognize the rights of others.

i have mixed feelings.

part of me has a knee-jerk reaction that they are just being poor losers. at the same time, i don't imagine that they are feeling very differently than others who are refused something that is so important to them. i am disappointed, however, that they do not behave with the respect that they themselves desire.


Em and Ms said...

At first I couldn't believe what I was reading, but then I realized of course Satan is not going to give up that easily.

Brad and Darci said...

I so agree. It seems sort of ironic that they are trying to get people to agree with them but they are only giving people a reason to be so frustrated with them. They definitely need to show more respect. It really bothers that they can do that outside of the temple and think they are going to get somewhere.