26 September 2007


so every morning i look out the window and see what the weather looks like. and, well, since this *is* california and it still isn't winter ... my usual weather assessment is: hot.

okay, so then i shower, get dressed in some light-weight business attire, and grab a sweater. yup, that's what i said: a sweater. it is roasting hot outside and i grab a sweater. everyday.

the air conditioner at my client's office is a little overeager. err, a lot overeager. i don't understand it. i spend most days wrapped up in wool. today, however, i have resisted pulling my sweater on just because i get so tired of the on-and-off-and-on-again everytime i leave the building, but i admit that my hands do have a blue/purple tinge to them and i can see every one of my veins through the skin on my arms. if my toenails weren't painted right now, i am sure they would be a lovely lanvendar color.

fortunately, it's only 2 ½ more weeks here for this stint. then the next time i come back it will be december, and i will likely bring a sweater for use outside, as well.


Jess said...

I experience the same phenomena at my office and hate it! Yay for when AC ends!

christianna said...

hear hear.

my co-worker just informed me that a big cup of hot chocolate really helps. of course, i am trying that now. :)

we'll see if it helps ... well, i mean -- it's chocolate, so it will help. but yeah ...