30 September 2009

what i did this summer

in case you haven't noticed, i haven't been blogging much. not for lack of things to write about, but for time to write about them. not only has work swallowed me alive, but i have been insistent that i wouldn't allow work to consume all my waking hours.

lately i have taken advantage of the opportunity to use some of my pto before work gets even worse and i am completely unable to take the time off. and i have been busy!

so, in honor of school starting up again, i thought i'd do a quick, "what i did this summer" post for all.

  • jun 6 - 7 visit woodworths in tahoe, ca
  • jul 2 - 9 visit all kinds of family in ogden, ut, and eagle, id
  • jul 30 - aug 5 visit inge & jared in houston, tx
  • aug 8 - 9 california all-state ysa conference in santa monica, ca
  • aug 14 - 15 becky's wedding in las vegas, nv
  • aug 21 - 24 visit woodworths in san jose, ca
  • sep 3 - 8 bumbershoot in seattle, wa
  • sep 11 - 13 help mom & dad pack in ogden, ut
  • sep 20 - 23 annual training for work in chicago, il
  • sep 23 - 28 visit eden & clint, et al, in boston, ma

i'll elaborate on the details in the coming weeks -- when i find time to post some pictures. because a picture-less post is hardly worth the read, let alone the write.


Brad and Darci said...

Wow- you have been busy! I hope you had fun in Chicago- we loved it there. Sorry you had to work while you were there :( And I am WAY jealous of boston- I still think about our random trip up there, that was so fun. Maybe one day I will get back there.

Ryan G said...

Huh? I didn't even read it because there were no pictures. :P Just kidding.

Sounds like a busy summer. Did you forget to mention that you bought a car??

Eden said...

You've been too busy. Take the next month off!