28 April 2009

stars, diamonds, and shower curtains

how do you rate a hotel?

the star classification system is a common one for rating hotels. higher star ratings indicate more luxury. the aaa and their affiliated bodies use diamonds instead of stars to express hotel and restaurant ratings levels.

but what criteria do they use to rate hotels? room size? friendliness of the concierge? size of the flat screen? luxury of the sheets?

me? i use shower curtains.

more specifically, shower curtain rods.

a good hotel has a round shower curtain rod in the bathroom.

the rounder the better.

i mean, look at this:

i'm definitely gonna have round shower curtain rods in my bathrooms when i grow up. and all my house guests will herald the luxury, opulence, splendor, and bliss that it is to visit me.

they will.


Leisel said...

We splurged $35 at Home Depot when we got married and it's been the best thing that's ever happened to our tiny rental bathroom! We love it! We're taking it with us when we move to Seattle! Seriously, don't wait until you're grown up.

Jared said...

I will still herald the luxury, opulence, splendor, and bliss that it is to visit you, even if you just have a regular shower curtain. As long as you take us to that pizza place with the peanuts.

christianna said...

thank you, jared. and you shall always be welcome as a visitor.

oooh! eden, clint, and i found another really great pizza place with peanuts! and this place like leaves the peanuts on the ground to accumulate over the years. it's fabulous! really!

come see!

Matti Kaye said...

when you have this shower rod, i will come visit you.

KTLADY said...

Heaven knows we all hate when the shower curtain actually TOUCHES us! Eeew and Brrrr.... Mine always moves whenever the air changes and it touches me. You've made me consider the round route. :)

christianna said...

exactly, katie! that's the best reason of all to have a round shower curtain. i love them.