11 December 2007

the dark side



let's just say that i am announcing my deep and abiding love for chocolate to the whole world ... without words.

(a friend suggested that the *other* way to accomplish this would be to give myself a swirly everyday instead. eeww, gross. i opted for dying my hair.)


Em & M's said...

Looks cute! I dyed my hair dark last year for a Halloween costume. My sister-in-law the hairdresser fixed it a month later and informed me if I did it again my hair would fall out. Oops. I still want to do it again someday, but maybe I'll have her do it professionally instead of a cheap box dye.

The Hill Family said...

I noticed the change in the 'profile' photo. You look hot!

Jess said...

Ooooo! I like your new hair color. I've always wanted to try a darker hair color but have been too chicken. I kind of tried it a year ago - but just with low-lights. Hey . . . so have you had lunch with pharmacy/harley boy??? :o)

christianna said...

i used to dye my hair all the time with the cheap box stuff and never went bald. of course, how that i have said that ... i probably will. thanks for making me say that. :P

anyway, it's fun to shake things up a bit with a new haircolor.

and jessika --> nope, haven't gotten a ride on his bike yet. he had knee surgery a couple days after i met him, so he's going to be out of commission for a while.

plus, we've been texting and stuff, but the excitement is waning. don't know if i'll ever really meet up with him for lunch or anything. but i'll be sure to announce it on here if i do!! :D

Matti Kaye said...

i'm glad you decided not to do the swirly thing.

Matti Kaye said...

i also like that your smile is bigger with the brunette hair than the blond.